Changes due to COVID-19 

Dear customer,

As we pull together and respond to fighting COVID-19, we are unfortunately unable to provide a normal full service.  Our staff are all working remotely from home and our fulfilment operations are closed so we are unable to ship any physical products.

However, we realise that there are AIP subscriptions, digital charts and AIP resources that customers still require and so you can still purchase these from the online store like normal.

We are working through the logistics, but still intend to keep to our existing AIRAC cycle updates going.  Specifically we intend to still ship AIP Amendments and supplements and en-route charts to those with a valid subscription at the time of publication.

All other physical products including visual navigation charts and en-route charts (for those without a valid subscription) will not be shipped until operations return to normal.

Should the situation change, we will update you via this site.  In the meantime you can still contact us for any enquiries.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.