Digital Visual Navigation Charts 1:125,000 scale (Chart Areas) - Effective 1 December 2022

$12.00 NZD
Chart Material:


Digital versions of the New Zealand 1:125 000 scale (D Series) Visual Navigation Charts (VNCs) offered in both Geo-referenced TIFF and KML formats.

Use the drop down boxes to select a specific chart area or the whole set.  

  • Effective Date:  1 December 2022
  • Scale:  1:125,000
  • Formats:  GeoTIFF (Geo-referenced) or KML (Raster charts)


  • Paper Chart Areas
  • Map tiles are offered at 1:250,000 scale separately. 


This set spans the areas covered by the following 4 paper Visual Navigation Charts:

  • All Charts (D1 - D4)
  • D1 - Auckland Terminal
  • D2 - Christchurch Terminal 
  • D3 - Queenstown Terminal
  • D4 - Manawatu Terminal

NOTE:  As this is a digital item you must accept the Digital End User Licence Agreement (EULA) in order to purchase this item.  You will be asked to accept the terms of this agreement at the checkout.  Please read and understand the terms of this agreement before purchasing.  A copy of the EULA is accessible here.