About Us

Welcome to Aeropath.

We are a unique Aeronautical Information Management and navigation service provider that provides global AIM and Procedure Design services.  

We offer best-in-class AIM, Data and Procedure Design services and training throughout the world and our expertise in Aeronautical data management is second to none, having operated the European Aeronautical Database (EAD) on behalf of Eurocontrol since 2003.

Within New Zealand, we are the official source of the New Zealand AIP and Aeronautical charting publications and are certified to produce this information on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAA).  

We also produce a large wide variety of customised aeronautical products for a range of customers including:

  • States within Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific regions
  • Airways New Zealand
  • New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority
  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Commercial and private pilots

For more information on our background and the services we offer please visit our website at www.aeropath.aero.