• Q:  I have one page in my AIP that is out of date. How can I obtain a copy?
    A:  Aeropath is not able to supply copies of individual AIP pages but you will be able to download the page you require from www.aip.net.nz.

  • Q:  An AIP amendment did not arrive.
    A:  If you ordered the amendment from Aeropath, please contact us so we can assist you.

  • Q:  I was late renewing my subscription and missed some amendments.
    A:  Contact us. We normally have copies of amendments going back 3 cycles and should be able to help you.

  • Q:  Some pages seem to be missing from my amendment package.
    A:  Contact us.  We do have strict quality control procedures to prevent this happening and like to know of any problems as soon as possible.

  • Q:  There appears to be an error in some of the published information.
    A:  Contact us.  We do have strict quality control procedures to prevent this happening and like to know of any problems as soon as possible.

  • Q:  Are the publications I have current.
    A:  Check the currency of your existing charts and documents using the "Publications Check List"

  • Q:  Can I notify a publication error, make a comment or suggestion
    A:  Comments or suggestions for improving the format or content of the AIP New Zealand should be directed to CAA via Publication Feedback.AIP Contacts.

  • Q:  How can I quickly update individual pages of my AIP
    A:  The complete AIP New Zealand and supplements are available online at www.aip.net.nz. Downloads are in PDF format and are free-of-charge

  • Q:  How do I change my address details?
    A: Please login to your account. You can access is this at the top of the screen or through this link; https://shop.aeropath.aero/account Please Contact us if you require any assistance. Regarding your pilot licence, medical certificate, Vector/CAA News magazine subscription or any other matter relating to the Civil Aviation Authority, please visit www.caa.govt.nz

  • Q:  Is my privacy and security protected when I order
    A:  Please refer to our Privacy Policy

  • Q: What is the AIP? Why was it introduced
    A:  The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) New Zealand is a package of documents that provides all the operational information required for safe national and international air navigation to and within New Zealand.
    The publication is compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standard. This means pilots from around the world using the AIP of any ICAO member country can find information in the same place and in the same format.
    Please refer to About the New Zealand AIP for a brief description of the publication and its structure. A full online version of the AIP is available at AIP Net
    The AIP New Zealand replaces the previous Planning Manual, Visual Flight Guide (VFG) and Instrument Flight Guide (IFG) publications that will be familiar to many pilots. The structure of the AIP is such that pilots need only purchase Volume 4 to have the information required for in-flight reference under VFR operations. Vol 4 effectively replaces the old VFG.

  • Q: Which charts will I need for a particular VFR flight I am planning?
    A: Refer to the to Chart VIew to determine which charts you will require.